Sunday, October 17, 2010

people actually buy this stuff?!?

Turns out that if you give away baked goodies long enough, people will start ordering them from you! Ordering and pricing information for San Diego coming soon...

cake pops

I finally was able to document a batch of cake pops! I had never had my Nikon handy when I made them - and these things don't last long enough to be photographed... As Abby from NCIS would say, these things are more addictive than pistachios.

I got the recipe for these sweet little cake bites from Bakerella - who is pretty much a superhero in the baking+blogging world. I mean, she's been on Martha. Forreals.
I started out making real cake pops - with lollipop sticks - but
the lollipop-stick-less version is a lot easier. But I still call them cake "pops" because cake "balls" seems to always bring on an onset of giggling. Can't imagine why...

So, these cake pops in particular were made for an anniversary celebration. There are chocolate cake pops covered in dark chocolate candy melts, and red velvet cake pops covered with vanilla candy melts. Both contain cream cheese frosting, which I prefer because it has a mild and less-sugary taste than other frostings. Oh, and I only use half a can of frosting, while the original Bakerella recipe calls for a whole can.